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"The menu unites the family's dual heritage, with pho and ramen sharing equal billing. The restaurant's bright, unapologetic flavors have proven so popular that last month, the Phams opened a stand in the Central Market." - A Global Feast in an Unlikely Spot: Lancaster, Pa. / July 23, 2019 NYT


Our Heritage

Issei is a word many of our community members don't know the meaning of, let alone how to pronounce. Issei, meaning a Japanese immigrant to North America, is a word that hits home for our family. As an immigrant family, community means the world to us. We're thrilled to share our Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai/Laotian roots in cuisine with many who have never experienced it before. Food has tremendous meaning to our family. The dinner table is a place to come together, share stories, and connect with others. Our hope is to share these same values in our restaurants.


Care for Orphans

Issei Noodle is dedicated to giving back to our community and roots. As a family of immigrants with a personal connection to orphanages, our current giving initiative is contributing funds to a Christian orphanage in Thailand. We would love your support as we give back to those in need.